a history of great customer service

Detroit Elevator Company—
100 Years of Great Customer Service

It all began in 1914. It was a year in which President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation officially recognizing Mother’s Day;  Babe Ruth made his professional baseball debut with the Boston Red Sox; the U.S. Federal Trade Commission was established;  and Tom “T.J.”O’Rielly founded the Detroit Elevator Company.

For Detroit Elevator Company, O’Rielly had one simple goal—build and service elevator equipment to move people efficiently and provide outstanding service to exceed their expectations.  

As the company grew, O’Rielly trained one of his top associates, Charles DeLong, in every aspect of the business. DeLong quickly moved his way up from shop worker to supervisor and eventually to president/owner.

In time, DeLong recruited his son-in-laws, Don Purdie and Ralph McKian into the company. When DeLong passed away in 1983, Purdie and McKian purchased the company and assumed leadership. When McKian retired, Purdie became the president and sole stockholder, a position he held until his passing in 2006.

Today, 100 years after its founding, Purdie’s children, Don Purdie Jr. and Sheri D’Epifanio are at the helm of the family business. Both grew up in the business, with Don getting first hand shop, field, engineering and office experience and Sheri learning the ropes in the office, including all aspects of the business from accounting to customer service. Together, like their father and grandfather before them, Don and Sheri are 100% dedicated to providing the best level of customer service possible. It’s their commitment, their legacy and their promise to their customers.

detroit elevator company team a history of great customer service